While the air waves have been inundated with businesses, large-scale corporations, and film-makers who neither live nor vote in North Carolina, airing their grievances against HB2, their views are not a reflection of the majority of North Carolinians, 70% of whom wanted Charlotte’s ordinance repealed.

Business Leaders Support HB2

The KeepNCsafe.org Coalition releases the following statement, “While business owners in other states have received criticism and have even been forced out of business for standing up for common sense, hundreds (334) of North Carolina business owners have signed on to a letter thanking Governor Pat McCrory and the General Assembly for passing a law affirming the privacy and safety of businesses, women, and children to live and work in accordance with their deeply held beliefs.These businesses support and applaud Governor McCrory for supporting women and children, over being politically correct.”
“North Carolina is consistently one of the top five states in the nation for business and economic growth. Any businesses threatening to not do business in our great state based on dishonest attacks by opponents of women’s and girls’ privacy and safety are only hurting themselves. Thanks to Governor McCrory and the General Assembly’s leadership and immediate action to ensure North Carolinians’ privacy and safety receives maximum protection, North Carolina will continue to flourish. It would be a shame for any companies to miss out on that simply because they believe men should be allowed into locked rooms with girls and women.”

Here is the list of businesses willing to be listed publicly:

  • Preferred Planning and Insurance
  • Richard and Lisa Baldwin, Baldwin Insurance & Brokerage
  • Sallie Caldwell, S & S Cleaning Service, LLC
  • Reese Cao, XG Technologies Inc
  • Jennifer Champion, Total Life Changes
  • Sam Cowles, Main Street Investments, LLC
  • Mark & Lora Godwin, Mark Godwin Family Farms Inc.
  • David Griffin, Griffin Tile & Marble Inc.
  • David & Judith Hale, Lighthouse Electric of Charlotte
  • Dusten Harward, D Harward Marketing
  • Debra Hasty, Hasty Home Resources
  • H. Ralph Henderson, Omnichannel Productions
  • Tim Herlihy, Occupational Health Concepts
  • Rebekah Hopkins, Beethoven’s Piano Revelers Studio
  • Jana Huffstetler, Collision Center of Stanley County
  • Gregory Humphrey, Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning
  • Cheryl Jones, ICI Lamp Company
  • Sergey Kholod, Serglandscape Company
  • Tony Mazzone, Comfort Security
  • Adam and Michelle Mills, Mills Inc.
  • Bill Montross, Christian Business Men Connections
  • Jesse Newton, Green Branch Construction, Inc.
  • Ronald Obie, WCRG
  • Justin Reeder, Superior Wash Southeast
  • David & Jason Benham, Benham Real Estate Group
  • Lila Sanacore, Prayerful Touch Massage
  • Doug Schmeuszer, Sunbelt Packaging LLC
  • Tim Steele, Thermal Services, Inc.
  • Gretchen, Tate, God’s Glamorous Girls
  • Lisa Todd, Todd Group
  • Keith Vance, Vance Resource llc
  • Maria Vari, Strategic Resource Development
  • Elizabeth Walker, Oexning Silversmiths, Inc.
  • Paul, Weaver, AWPC, Inc
  • Michael Wolff, KC Solutions Group
  • Charles O’Connor, Advanced Enclosure Consulting
  • Richard Gavin, Riverside Millwork
  • Angela Smith, Lombardo Swimming Pools
  • Shardae White, Personal Catering llc
  • Carl Ford, South Rowan Broadcasting Inc.
  • Alva Yandle, Melatex, Inc
  • Carl Ford, Ford Broadcasting Inc.
  • David Snyder, Snyder Packaging, Inc.
  • Wesley Dunn, Wesley’s Detail & Tree Service
  • Henri McClees, McClees Consulting, Inc.
  • AnnaMaria Simeonides, To Your Health Bakery
  • Paul Strates, Archangel Michael Orthodox Christian Bookstore
  • Kelly Simeonides, Planet Family Inc.
  • CarolinaDreamRealEstate.com Inc.
  • Jadd Brewer, Water Quality Lab and Operations
  • Eileen Dover, Mary Merrie Christmas Shoppe
  • Thomas McCain, Carolina Green Landscape Co.
  • Ruben Martinez, Maranatha Realty
  • Charlotte Christian Chamber
  • Ray Harrison, Carolina Carpet and Flooring
  • Tom Harcus, Arcas Real Estate Investment LLC
  • American Homesmith
  • Centurion Construction Co. Inc
  • MLG Construction Co.
  • System Electric Co.
  • Carolina Civilworks Inc.
  • Karen McDaniel, Accounting & More
  • Kel Grenga, J.K. Grenga & Associates, Inc.
  • Hunt Properties, Inc.
  • Charles Herring, CCVentures
  • Scott Saunders, Praygrounds LLC
  • Rob Moser, Sanctuary Center for Counseling
  • Nathan Click, Pearl Financing LLC
  • Jeff & Leigh Ann Martin, Martin Medical
  • Shifley and Associates
  • Lockmans Body Shop
  • Insight Direct Marketing

Due to vocal threats and bullying from the LGBT community, some business owners feared for the well-being of their business and families. For this reason, some preferred to remain anonymous by name, however, here is a list of timestamped signees with industry indication for those who have signed on, thus far, showing the incredibly large outpouring of support for the passage of HB2 on the North Carolina business community.

If you have not signed up to be a part of this growing list of businesses in support of HB2 and the actions taken by Governor Pat McCrory and the General Assembly, you can still list your name.

Update:  As of 10PM – The business support list has grown to 350 Leaders, 2 listings were removed due to errors.

3/31/16 – List Totals 373 Organizations.

4/3/16 – List Totals 385 Organizations

4/8/16 – List Totals 393 Organizations

4/29/16 – List Totals 401 Organizations