“Gone are the days of Male & Female” declares the Human Rights Campaign and other activist groups. For years now these groups have been encouraging School Districts to push the concept of blended genders and descriptive expression titles in an all-out effort to accelerate forced acceptance of the LGBT under the guise of the new Civil Rights movement.

What is being taught in our schools and universities is a move away from our established, “old-world” binary understanding of gender (male/female) to a more “progressive” and “mainstream” tolerant viewpoint of gender fluidity where each individual is able to decide and explore their sexual interests, behaviors and identities and as they establish those identities each person is free to change and/or morph, from day to day, based on they feel, express or identify themselves. One could find themselves anywhere on this multi-color chart to illustrate their preferred sexual orientation.



Using this illustrative tool, students are encouraged to draw a dot on each of the four lines to determine where on the gender spectrum they identify themselves. No longer does a person need to be 100% Male or 100% Female.  You may find yourself 65% one gender and 35% another or anywhere along the gender spectrum. In addition these expressions, identities and orientations can change as you interpret and discover their meanings. So for example, today you may be a biological female with feminine expressions, but tomorrow or next year you may decide to be female with masculine expressions or perhaps both, neither or something in between. You may dress, act or speak in accordance to one gender expression that does not match your gender identity or your biological sex assigned at birth.


Genderbread Person

This non-conforming, developing construct will prove to be a challenge for our legal system and perhaps that is why the Supreme Court has not yet taken up the issue. Now that the Obama Administration has interrupted the 1965 civil rights law wearing rainbow glasses I anticipate one of the North Carolina cases filed this week to make it all the way Washington where the Justices will have to consider how a legal system and society, currently based on a binary understanding of gender, can support a constitutional right where a mentally crafted expressions is equal to physical attributes when determining equality for all.

Take a look at the partial list of gender identities used today in discussions in schools and universities.

Cis Female
Cis Male
Cis Man
Cis Woman
Cisgender Female
Cisgender Male
Cisgender Man
Cisgender Woman
Female to Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Nonconforming
Gender Questioning
Gender Variant
Male to Female
Trans Female
Trans* Female
Trans Male
Trans* Male
Trans Man
Trans* Man
Trans Person
Trans* Person
Trans Woman
Trans* Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Man
Transgender Person
Transgender Woman
Transsexual Female
Transsexual Male
Transsexual Man
Transsexual Person
Transsexual Woman

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