CEO Messaging Tool for HB 2

StandWithNC CEO MessagingAre you sick and tired of large corporations bullying the state of North Carolina because of our new commonsense law that protects citizens’ privacy and safety in bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms?

Are you tired of the lies spread by the Washington-based Human Rights Campaign, Equality NC, and their cronies to these large corporations about The Bathroom Privacy Act?

You use the products and services of many of these corporations. Many of these companies have received millions of YOUR hard-earned taxpayer dollars in the form of incentives, and are now attempting to smear our state and protest the right to privacy and the safety of you and your family. These actions cannot go unanswered.

We have heard from thousands of you who requested the full list of companies who signed onto a letter opposing our new bathroom privacy law at HRC’s request. You can find that list HERE.

It’s time for us to act Today to stop corporate bullying.

We have created a tool for you to contact each CEO and company who have been bullying the state of North Carolina to let them know that HB 2 is a commonsense law and that you don’t appreciate them protesting your privacy rights and putting your safety at risk as they support grown men entering the bathroom, showers, and locker rooms with little young girls. By opposing HB 2, these corporations have chosen the side of a convicted sex offender who helped push the Charlotte

Contact every CEO and their company at the very same time. Let your voice—and the voices of thousands of children who cannot speak for themselves—be heard. We want to be included, not excluded, as consumers. Big corporations should respect our views.

It will take less than 2 minutes.

Here are some tips:

  1. Send the email option out first. Click on the mail icon to do this.
  2. Send the Twitter option out second. Click on the small bird icon to do this. ***Come back every few hours to send FIVE new CEO’s tweets through this. Every CEO needs to hear from you, so please go back as much as possible to resend to five new ones.
  3. Send the Facebook option out! Click on the small “f” icon to do this.
  4. Come back and do it again in a few hours for another group of CEOs to message – and share it with your friends and family and ask that they do the same!
  5. If you live in North Carolina you can also send notes of support to the Governor and General Assembly

CEO Messaging Tool